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danrand 2008-11-13 02:18 PM

Multiple identical context entries - how to delete?
With a few contexts already present, I made an entry in the context pane/view. When I tried to change its location/position in the list, it disappeared. I tried this several times with the same result. (I acknowledge occasional but minor insanity.)

I finally gave up and left the context reside where it initially appeared. I then created a new Action, and when I accessed the cell to assign a context, all the contexts I had earlier created but disappeared then showed up as choices.

However, I can find no way to access this obviously stored list so as to delete all but one of the identical entries.

Q1: How do I delete the multiples?
Q2: How do I move the new context up or down in the list so they are alphabetical?

malisa 2008-11-13 03:27 PM

A1:It sounds as though it's a 'what's being shown' issue.

If the view bar isn't showing, to make it visible go to View>Show View Bar. Then set the selector (lozenge?) above your sidebar list of contexts to All Contexts. That should show you what's there and you can delete the unnecessary ones by just clicking them and hitting the delete key (or right clicking and choosing Delete). If you delete a context that has something assigned to it, the actions will show up in the 'No Context' box at the top of the list.

A2: You can drag the contexts around in the sidebar to where you want them or if you want them alphabetical you can select them all (or all you want alpha) and go to Edit>Sort>By Name.

danrand 2008-11-13 03:59 PM

[QUOTE=malisa;50804]A1:It sounds as though...
A2: You can drag...[/QUOTE]

Those fixed both problems. Thanks very much. - D

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