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Angryuser 2009-03-13 11:11 AM

Going mad with webdisk
Hi, as you can see with my user name, I am angry... VERY angry!

I have this website I have to put up as soon as possible and my SLL webdisk has stopped working suddenly!

It says "Some parameter wasn't understood"

I talked to tech support, they told me everything was fine, gave me a pat in the back and told me nicely to go to hell.

I am very angry and need to fix this situation and I am very surprised that no one has had this problem before!

What to do what to do...

whpalmer4 2009-03-13 12:34 PM

What to do? First, relax. Next, how about giving us a calm, clear, detailed description of what it is you are trying to do, and what is happening? Assume we weren't there next to you all this time watching your every move :-)

curt.clifton 2009-03-13 01:43 PM

It would also help to say why you think this has anything to do with OmniFocus.

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