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alanterra 2009-08-13 11:05 AM

Couldn't contact Spell Checker
I just installed a new user on my computer, and then opened OmniOutliner. Upon hitting a carriage return, I get a message "Couldn't contact Spell Checker" after a freeze of about 10 secs.

I checked the Apple Discussions forums, and people there attribute this to "left over services" or programs that are not fully uninstalled, and suggest deleting various files in your ~/Library folder. This is a new user, and there aren't any "left over" files in ~/Library, and I can't find anything in /Library that looks suspicious.

Any thoughts what might be going on?


alanterra 2009-08-13 11:25 AM

Well, I was able to pin this down a little more. It turns out, on my computer at least, any account that I create, if I launch OmniOutliner I get this freeze of about 10 secs followed by "Couldn't contact Spell Checker" error message.

If I launch Pages '08, the spelling checker works in that program, and afterwards, [B]the spelling checker works in OmniOutliner[/B] and the error message goes away.

I wonder if this is a bug in OmniOutliner (not initializing something on first launch in a new user), or if it is in my computer. If anyone wants to test it, I would be interested.

I have a new (June '09) MacBook Pro 13", with 10.5.8 (and no third-party spelling checkers installed).

Myrrh 2009-08-13 01:19 PM

Spell Check issue
Hi Alan,
I just responded to your support email about this situation. For other users who might run into the "cannot contact spell checker" issue: OmniOutliner pulls its Spelling info from the operating system. It looks like this error points to a problem that could stem from the Mac's Launch Services. A reset should do the trick. I would recommend doing a web search to find specific instructions on resetting Launch Services.

An alternate option is that Spell Checker is not being found in the proper folder on your Mac (new user account with permissions not set properly, perhaps?).

alanterra 2009-08-13 01:35 PM

Thank you, Myrrh. All good ideas. I'll try resetting Launch Services, and if it helps I'll post it here. It's hard to believe that it is in the account settings, as I can replicate this, but you never know. All I know is that I find it is impossible to set up a Mac without introducing at least one grave error that can only be fixed by a complete system restore (which then introduces a new error that can only be fixed with a complete system restore, ad infinitum).


alanterra 2009-08-14 11:34 AM

Launch services was not the problem. I give up.

Brian 2009-08-14 03:20 PM

We've also seen cases of this happening when there was a third-party spellcheck module installed - any chance there's an out of date version of CocoAspell or something like that installed?

[Edit - just noticed that you mentioned not having any third party spellcheckers installed. :-) Well, I'll leave the info here in case someone else searches the forums for this problem.]

alanterra 2009-08-17 09:07 AM

I'll try to remember to test this after I install Snow Leopard (whenever that may be). It may be a bug in my system.

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