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leebu 2009-09-06 11:52 PM

MobileMe sync failure in 1.7.2
Every since I installed 1.7.2, every time I start OmniFocus it informs me that I must over-right my database with the copy on iDisk.

I create a task, sync, quit and restart OmniFocus. It informs me that it is over-righting my database and once that is done the task I just added and sync'd is now gone.

Something it totally broken...

leebu 2009-09-07 12:21 AM

The full error I am getting every time I start OmniFocus is:

Replace your database and start syncing?
Your current database will be backed up on your computer, and replaced by the sync database:<username>/Documents/

I have turned Sync completely off and used a different location for the DB as I turned it on. Nothing I've tried has made any difference.

Best I can tell server sync is not working.

leebu 2009-09-07 12:29 AM

Opps.. Sorry wrong forum and I can see everyone is getting this failure over in the Syncing forum.

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