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StephenDM 2006-12-06 04:50 PM

Auto resize while editing in outline mode
When I create simple org charts, I often create them quickly in the outline view. Is there a way to have the boxes which are created automatically resize to fit the text I enter in the outline view? Right now, I have to go back and manually resize boxes and shrink fonts in order to fit everything, which is a tedious step I want to skip.

Second, is there a way to set the default font size when editing in outline view so that it creates smaller org charts?

Thanks for your help. I use OmniGraffle 4.1.2 (not the Pro version).


JKT 2006-12-06 11:54 PM

Create a blank org chart with as many levels and children as you will ever possibly need. Format each of the children at each level the way you want them to appear in the final chart (so use the Font inspector to set font sizes, shapes to fit to text, etc). Choose [B]File>Save As a Diagram Style[/B] to save it as one of the outlining styles. When you create your outlines/org charts, pick this one as the diagram style for the outline.

Edit: Sorry, I missed the bit about not having professional. I'm not sure if this is an option that is available in standard.

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