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santra 2013-10-04 04:44 PM

Where is Folders icon?
Help! Someone at OG convinced me how great OO 2 for iPad is today based on the folders feature. I got home, bought the app, installed it on my iPad, connected to OmniPresence, I'm reading the manual, and I can't find the folders icon! The manual says very specifically that you click Select, tap an outline, and the Folders icon appears at the top left. I'm doing this, I have the latest version of OO 2 for iPad, I have the latest version of iOS 7, but NO FOLDERS ICON!

Please, someone, anyone, I really need help with this. I have over 150 outlines, I have 40 hours of work ahead me this weekend, OG just closed on the west coast, and I really really really want to be able to use this feature that I was promised by OG. It was $30 to get OO 2—no upgrade discount, even though I've owned OO 1 for years—and I don't care about the $ if I can just get this feature working.

If you can help me out here, it would be huge. Thank you so much!

Ken or Brian, I don't know if you're around, but you know who I am, as I've been buying OG products for years. I don't call for support much anymore, but I really really need help with this tonight. Thanks.

santra 2013-10-04 05:16 PM

Never mind—I figured it out. The key is that you cannot create a new folder with the UI on the iPad if only one outline is selected; you MUST select at least two in order to have the "New folder" option. This is not stated in the OO 2 for iPad Manual: "Tap the folder icon (Move) in the navigation bar to move a file to another folder, or to create a new subfolder containing the selected files." Moreover, the document is incorrect in another respect: there is NO folder icon. There is a box with an arrow pointing up that has Apple-type "share" options.

I am glad that I figured it out, and I am doubly glad that the feature exists, but I am very disappointed that the manual is completely inaccurate, and that the architecture of the app mandates that you must select two outlines in order to have the option to create a folder.

pvonk 2013-10-04 06:10 PM

Thanks for pointing this out.

DerekM 2013-10-07 12:01 PM

Sorry about that. The pdf manual was updated before 2.0.1 was approved. The manual reflects changes in 2.0.1 which moves the new folder/move UI to its own button. It also removes the restriction of needing to select 2 files to create a folder.

2.0.1 is available today.

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