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lsamberg 2008-05-20 12:15 PM

Export to HTML - What am I doing wrong?
I create a simple GANTT chart (about 20 items). I do an EXPORT to HTML (full) and the resulting pages don't link together right? For example, the ICON that says GANTT chart links to:

but if I look in the /include folder.... there are files like gantt0,0.jpg, gantt0,1.jpg, etc.... There are no files that include the Project Name at all. Similarly with Resource Timeline.

Lizard 2008-05-20 01:28 PM

If you've been using OmniPlan and customized templates for a while, you may have missed some improvements we made recently.
We used to generate one huge gantt.jpg, but this caused a variety of problems, so now we break it down into a grid of jpegs in multiple files, with the "0,1" indicating where in the grid each file goes. (So 0,0 is the upper left corner.)
So if you're using an older version of a custom template with a newer version of OmniPlan, things may be a bit out of step. Choose "customize HTML template..." from the File menu to generate a new set of HTML templates and then reapply your customizations to those HTML files.

If that doesn't work or you're using the default html template, please contact us directly ( so we can dig into this issue in more detail.

lsamberg 2008-05-20 01:43 PM

I have never used HTML export before ... I played with OmniPlan about 12 months ago, then put it down. I started it up today for the first time in 12 months (I did download the latest version).

Is your comment still valid in this case?

lsamberg 2008-05-21 06:15 AM

That did it...

Thanks /lss

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