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santra 2008-08-13 05:38 PM

1.0.3 is out! post about it here!
I am SO happy!

1. The MobileMe syncing looks rock solid. I have tested both ways, with great results.
2. Context view sorts tasks now based on 3 different items: flag state, due date, and project!
3. You can now specify that certain Contexts are always nearby (like Phone).
4. Order of tasks changed in iPhone syncs to desktop; order of tasks changed on desktop syncs to iPhone!
5. No more duplicate "Miscellaneous" project showing up on iPhone.

Betsy 2008-08-14 01:56 AM

I synced my iPhone for the first time in a week or so after installing the update, and none of the repeating projects/actions looked wonky.

This morning I turned auto-sync back on and am leaving my laptop at home. I'm pretty happy myself! :)

santra 2008-08-14 02:49 AM

Syncing continues to work FLAWLESSLY this morning.

danielandrews 2008-08-14 08:53 AM

So far, so good. Even on EDGE with a decent sized database I sync in less than 30 seconds every time. That's definitely an acceptable speed given EDGE's limitations & the time it surely takes to actually sort out the changes and such.

danielandrews 2008-08-14 09:13 AM

So does OF now put all flagged items at the top, then sorts by due date, and then by project?

This is an automatic thing, correct?

refulgentis 2008-08-14 09:17 AM

I'm really, really, really impressed with the update. Before, it was much more of a viewer I just used to see what I assigned a due date on my main computer. Now, entering inbox items has become much quicker and smoother, I've started using location based contexts, and the application as a whole seems "snappier" :P.

Thanks for continually listening to your users and updating your products!

Toadling 2008-08-14 10:49 AM

I totally agree. I've been fortunate enough to have avoided almost all the reported problems with syncing, but I still think the 1.0.3 update is a huge step forward.

The performance and stability improvements and the sprinkling of new features are really making OmniFocus my favorite (and most-used) iPhone app. Thanks, Omni Group!


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