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getmethebutter 2009-07-12 10:44 AM

MobileMe vs. Bonjour for syncing?
Hi all,

I would love to hear some input on the advantages/disadvantages of MobileMe vs. Bonjour for syncing Omnifocus for the iPhone.

I currently have a MobileMe account and the main advantage I've seen so far is not forgetting to sync calendars (this was a bit of a problem for me). So that alone seems to make it worth the $100/year.

Then again, maybe running all my calendar items through OF (which I'm not doing right now - still a bit over my head but getting there), and then syncing OF through Bonjour would give me the same results?

And then, specifically for the question of OmniFocus, what are the adv/disadv of MM vs. Bonjour?


chad131 2009-07-12 01:25 PM

I switched to MobileMe syncing because I was constantly forgetting to sync OmniFocus before I left the house!

Toadling 2009-07-12 02:29 PM

[QUOTE=chad131;62554]I switched to MobileMe syncing because I was constantly forgetting to sync OmniFocus before I left the house![/QUOTE]

Yes, same here. And I think that's the biggest practical difference. The ability to sync from anywhere (assuming you have an iPhone and a cell signal) is huge, at least for me.

Of course, being able to sync from anywhere also gives you an automatic, off-site backup of your data. So if your iPhone gets run over by a truck or stolen, or your house burns down, at least your last OmniFocus sync will be safe.

A Bonjour sync, on the other hand, may be a bit quicker since it only needs to go over your local network, which is usually much faster than a broadband connection, not to mention 3G or Edge. Having said that, my MobileMe syncs typically take in the range of 10-30 seconds, which I find perfectly acceptable (especially with the auto-sync turned off on my iPhone).

Another advantage of Bonjour syncing is your data can remain on a machine and local network under your control. With MobileMe, a copy of your data resides on Apple's servers. That's probably not a big deal, but who knows what unscrupulous employee might be snooping around? Fortunately, all data is transferred over an encrypted connection with both MobileMe and Bonjour sync, so there's not any significant threat during the sync itself.

Of course, another option is to sync to your own WebDAV server, which will give you the same experience as a MobileMe, at least in theory. But, depending on how your WebDAV server is configured and who owns it, you might have more control over who has access to your OmniFocus data. Of course, setting up your own server requires a degree of technical expertise as well. And not all WebDAV servers closely follow the specification. YMMV.

Hope this helps.


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