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philrob 2013-01-30 04:04 AM

Change/Configure notes icon
Is the notes icon hidden anywhere accessible? I haven't found anything in the forums that says it is, and can't see anything in the stylesheet.

I am trying a new workflow, and the difference between empty (grey) and populated (black) notes icons isn't obvious enough for me.

Does anyone know a way of substituting the current populated notes action with an alternative (same size) icon?

Alternatively is there a way of moving the icon to the left of the screen (ahead of the item description) if it is populated?

I can use the show/hide notes keyboard command, but something passive would be preferable.

Of course this might all be obsolete when OF2 debuts...

danlandrum 2013-01-30 05:24 AM

The keyboard shortcut, Command-' (apostrophe) is your friend.

I agree the icon is tiny, especially to my 52 year old eyes, and it gets obscured by Mountain Lion's finicky scroll bars. However, I rarely need to click it because this keyboard shortcut is handy. IMHO it is a must-learn item.

philrob 2013-01-30 05:57 AM

Thanks for swift response, I agree the keyboard shortcut is essential - I just need something more obvious (bright?) to remind me to check the notes field if it is populated :-)

Maybe a script to put [See Notes] at the end of the task if notes are populated would work - but it would require periodic triggering - and would need another script to delete the message if the note was deleted...

I suspect I will have to wait for OF2 - only a couple of days to go. I can't make the event, so I have to hope I am included in the 'allowed to participate in Beta' list.

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