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pjb 2013-05-23 11:09 AM

[QUOTE=DerekM;124507][COLOR="Silver"]If you had an existing real account before, it should be ready to use with OmniPresence. If you didn't have one, then you should create it and switch over once it's ready for OmniPresence.[/COLOR]

*edit* Yes, I would recommend switching to an account you want to keep using. All accounts should have OmniPresence access now.[/QUOTE]

I removed my documents from the test server account and changed the Mac and iPad app cloud accounts to the same OmniSync Server account I've been using for OmniFocus. All is well.

If one did not already have a production server account (OminFocus or OmniPlan) and created one now, would there still be a waiting list or does "All accounts should have OmniPresence access now" mean no more waiting for new OmniPresence ready OmniSync Server accounts?

DerekM 2013-05-23 11:12 AM

There's no more waiting list, all account existing or new will have OmniPresence access.

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