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dchoi 2006-07-14 02:49 PM

feature suggestion: implicit timestamps of rows
I find myself often adding a "date" column to note when I added rows to an evolving outline. It would be great if the timestamp of a row's creation and/or last modification could be recorded with the row automatically, and made visible or invisible.

WrongSizeGlass 2006-07-15 01:55 AM

Re: feature suggestion: implicit timestamps of rows
[QUOTE][i][/i]Originally Posted by [b]DerekM[/b][i]
Although remember in general, if you have a feature request, please send it by email, [email][/email] or from the Help -> Send Feedback from the OmniOutliner help menu.[/i][/QUOTE]dchoi,
That sounds like a great idea. Please submit your request to the fine folks at OmniGroup using the email address above.

James B

FredH 2006-07-21 04:50 AM

I requested this as well, and to go along with this, being able to sort non-destructively. Then you could sort your rows by date, and switch back to your original order. As far as I know, OO can't do this. Mori does this well, just click on the title of the column to switch between ascending, descending, and original order.

Send a request if you think it's a good idea.

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