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tarekag 2009-12-07 09:48 AM

Can't change the start & End dates
I just migrated to mac, and so I left microsoft project and went to omni plan. Now when I open a new file, i can't seem to change any of those dates: start date, end date, planned start, planned end, the project start date, and any other date. Anytime I choose the date using the calendar I get 05/01/09 on display. When . I can't change it. I downloaded the trial of Merlin and I found that it is the same. So is it an OS problem? or is it a setting I need to adjust.

Lizard 2009-12-16 12:56 PM

Since it's happening in both OmniPlan and Merlin, I think it might be some problem with your OS, but I encourage you to email our Support Ninjas to see if they have any ideas about this unusual problem. [email][/email] It might help to include a screenshot of where you're using the calendar control.

nveer 2011-08-04 08:55 AM

Any chance you guys have help on how to manage a project once it has started. Your documentation is great for setting up a project. We just changed the order in which we're planning on working on the tasks in a project. I just wanted to change the start dates but it wont let me. Surely there is something I'm not understanding and would love to research it/educate myself better.

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