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DavideTommaso 2010-06-16 10:26 AM

File created cannot be opened
A file I created just a few days ago refuses to open. Bought a license just now thinking it may be a trial issue. Still no go -- this doesn't inspire confidence in the product.

Any solutions to be offered?

DerekM 2010-06-16 10:51 AM

Sorry you're having trouble! Could you please check the console log after trying to open the file for error details. You can do this by opening the in Applications/Utilities folder. Please copy and paste all the relevant messages from OmniOutliner.

DerekM 2010-06-16 11:28 AM

I found your ticket you sent in to support. I just emailed you back a rebuilt copy of your file. For anyone else's curiosity, the file was accidentally overwritten with a RTF export.

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