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facej 2009-03-12 05:26 AM

Google Gears
Gears support would be wonderful.
Should we give it a try in 5.9.2?

troyb 2009-03-13 04:53 PM

Gears should work. The only part that doesn't in OmniWeb currently is launching directly into an offline environment which should be addable (And I'll look into).

facej 2009-03-14 06:03 AM

1. fib to the Gears page so it will download
2. run the gears installer
3. using safari enable gears
4. back in OW I see this in my Wordpress dashboard Tools window (Gears section)...
Local storage status: Updating files:

troyb 2009-03-16 09:18 AM

I don't have access to a wordpress site with gears running but in google reader, it works. ([url][/url])

facej 2009-03-16 09:49 AM

seems to only work if I do things from an admin account. my normal account isn't admin, gears things don't work (fail to synchronize, etc.)
not useful if I can't do it from a non-admin account.

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