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trash 2011-03-27 05:49 AM

User interface...
Hi -
This is my first post although I been following Omnifocus since the early beta versions.

I tried the beta versions but decided that I really could not handle the complexity of the UI. Instead I went to Things...

However I read the reviews of the iPad version of OF and decided I liked it and it would suit my, now more-complex, needs.

Bought the iphone and ipad versions and then as my projects and tasks multiplied I decided i would try to MAc version again.

Nothing seems to have changed there - I still find it impossibly complex to navigate. Indeed I find it difficult to believe that the same team that designed the lovely iPhone and iPad apps actually developed the desktop version.
I can't even find the forecast view (either it doesn't exist or I can't find it).

OF is incredibly popular so I am probably in the minority but, would anyone else like to see a MAC user interface that took its inspiration from the iphone/ipad versions?
I know that the desktop version is very flexible/feature-rich but there must be a way of hiding some of that rich complexity from new users (who can then explore new features as they need them).

I would be interested to know what other people think and how they are finding the UI (particular those that have used desktop and mobile versions).

Incidentally I still use things but only for managing personal tasks. OF I find suits my work life better and because I travel a lot I need the OTA syncing of the OF suite.

Cheers all


mgorman85 2011-03-28 09:18 PM

They're actually already on top of it. From what I understand, they'll be bringing a lot from what they learned about the iPad/iPhone to the desktop with OmniFocus 2.0. When that will be is anyone's guess. They were working on it before the iPad came out, but then resources got shifted.

Personally, I don't own an iPad so the desktop app is the only one that I am very familiar with, but I agree that it does lack a certain polish from what I've seen compared to the iPad version. Nevertheless, I've grown accustomed to it and don't really think much about it.

Unfortunately, the forecast view is not currently available for the desktop, but that's another feature that will be in the new version.

i'm not sure what your workflow is, but you might get some ideas from these guides for those who are just starting out with omnifocus. it kind of talks about ways to minimize some of the things that come off as daunting to new users.


marisa8184 2011-03-30 03:36 PM

mgorman 85 - Thank you for this link - this was really very useful. I used it to create a perspective for Today which has due and flagged items - something I have really missed until now. Also, the Next Actions perspective recommended is excellent. Highly recommended to new users.

wilsonng 2011-03-30 08:36 PM

OmniFocus shows its roots from OmniOutliner and thus has an outliner type of feeling to it. So it does take a while to understand why its was designed this way.

You should take a look at [url][/url]

This site gives much more insight into using OmniFocus and how to navigate through its confusing interface. There's just so much stuff in there that you often won't see it at first glance.

Dr. Kourush Dini has done an excellent job of offering us some great tips and workflows. His book, Creating Flow with OmniFocus, is very insightful. There is a free preview download of the book. It's well worth every penny!

trash 2011-04-02 07:13 AM

Many thanks for the links (which i will take a look at this weekend) and also for the mention on OF 2.0 - I hope it is real (and appears soon). I really am finding the UI difficult to cope with and it's making me hesitate to try the desktop version of OmniGaffle...
Perhaps some of the info contained in the links above will help.
Thanks again...

joshfree 2011-04-02 01:28 PM

Just have to say how excited I am to hear the the look and feel of the iPad version will influence the next Mac version. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

After having used OF Mac for a couple of years and truly appreciating the brilliance behind it, I finally bought the iPad version. Even better! Fantastic use of a touch interface, but things like the Review view and the Forecast view are especially awesome. I'm now doing my weekly reviews using my iPad because it's so fast, focused and intuitive.

Want to give us even a little hint about when 2.0 will be out? (And please give your long time customers a decent financial break will ya? I own all three platforms and have invested quite a chunk of change in these -- and most of your other software...)

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