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GeoffAirey 2013-08-20 11:50 AM

Non 2 minute emails
Whilst processing emails, anything under 2 minutes is dealt with.

What do you do with emails which will take more than 2 minutes?

I have to use Outlook at work, and flag emails to be dealt with today, tomorrow, this week, next week or other. I then work through emails flagged for today once a day. By sorting emails flagged for follow up sorted by due date, I create a tickler file of sorts with the due emails bubbling to the top.

I also flag email I send which I think will need a reply in the same way so it appears in the same list sorted the same.

I've wondered in the past whether to create tasks regarding these emails and have even tried making tasks for the most important of these, but it seems like a duplication of effort to both manage these emails with the follow up flag, and create and manage tasks in OF.

how do others handle this?

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