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RFBriggs 2007-09-13 04:19 AM

Getting rid of the Text Insertion style

I am new to OmniOutliner. I have v3 Standard.

I created a new outline by opening an RTF file and moving things around to make the format I wanted. The font that was originally in the RTF file is awful, and I wanted to override all the columns with a new font. But even though I applied a new style, the old Text Insertion style remains on ever single row, and I have to go to each row, highlight the text, and THEN remove it. This is totally infuriating.

Is there another way to do this? In the future, how do I create outlines from RTF files without this aggravation?


DerekM 2007-09-13 11:26 AM

Try selecting all the rows and using the clear styles command (Format -> Clear Style). That will remove all text insertion styles currently applied.

RFBriggs 2007-09-13 12:38 PM

Perfect! Many thanks! You have saved me hours of annoyance. :-)

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