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Stormchild 2008-02-24 01:06 PM

Favicons gone again
So OmniWeb has up and lost all my site icons again. This time for no apparent reason. I didn't clear the cache (which shouldn't be erasing site icons anyway), or anything like that.

I find site icons very useful for quickly finding the bookmark I'm looking for. I also have several icon-only bookmarks on the toolbar, which keep losing their icons and becoming impossible to identify.

So are we ever gonna get this fixed or what? This has been going on for years ... seriously ... why can't this get sorted out once and for all? How freakin hard can it be to save one little icon and associate it with a domain name? And why, when I look in the cache, am I seeing hundreds of copies of each one? Something tells me you guys did something really stupid and wrong when figuring out how to handle favicons.

Something also tells me that nobody is bothering to work on OmniWeb anymore.

JKT 2008-02-24 11:50 PM

The way OmniWeb handles favicons is inherited from WebKit, so the proliferation of icons is due to the way Apple has coded the Safari browser in the past, rather than anything that OmniGroup has done.

Have you physically deleted all the cache folders that exist for icons? It sounds like you haven't because the recent WebKit builds (including the one OmniWeb uses in the latter 5.7 sps) no longer create multiple copies of icon files and instead create a single database file. Perhaps that is the source of the issue you are experiencing? Also, if you have a folder called com.omnigroup.omniweb5 in your[B] ~/Library/Application Support [/B]folder - delete it. No longer needed.

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