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dconjar 2008-06-19 12:23 PM

Web-Based Browsing w/ OF
I've been looking into Omnifocus for a while, but I knew it wasn't a possibility until the iPhone app was launched. With the release of iPhone 2.0 in less than a month, I'm very interested in seeing if Omnifocus is the right system for me.

Just one big question: Is there any way that I can view my Omnifocus tasks from a web browser? At work an school, I'm often surrounded by PC's, so I need some way to access and manage my tasks while at any ordinary browser.

Is the Toodledo sync still working? It looks like it was having a few issues in May and there haven't been any posts in their forums since then. If not, is there any way to sync OF tasks so that they remain in sync and available on the web, or even on my own server?

When MobileMe comes out with the iPhone 2.0 software, will it be possible to access and sync OF tasks from there?

How can I access and manage my OF tasks from a web browser? Mac and iPhone access are important, but web access is essential.

Any help is appreciated...

whpalmer4 2008-06-19 01:12 PM

You should see [URL=""]this thread[/URL] for details on how to set up web-based access to your tasks. It is far from perfect, but if you just need to tick off a couple of actions and see what is next while at some random browser, it can do that.

dconjar 2008-06-19 06:46 PM

Web-Based Access
Thanks, whpalmer4.

The only issue is that this looks like it requires an apple server to make it work. I don't have any desktop macs; the only real web server I have is a reseller linux web hosting account.

Do you think it would it be possible to implement this application on my generic Hostgator hosting server? If so, how would I go about this?

Also, do you know if the Toodledo sync is still working, or if someone has come up with a better sync to something like Remember the Milk? I just want to find some way to access and manage my Omnifocus tasks from any browser, but right now, a Mac server just doesn't seem possible.

whpalmer4 2008-06-19 08:01 PM

I don't know anything about any of the other options you mentioned. What are you running OmniFocus on, a laptop? If you can just leave it running unattended, that's all you need...

Sumo Budah 2008-06-19 10:20 PM

The OmniFocus Web-UI doesn't require a server, it runs on your home/work mac or your laptop. It requires running software on your mac and having it connected to the internet. In fact it wont even work on any web hosting sites since it interacts with the OmniFocus Program instead of the database through applescript.

It works for what it does for the most part. If you run into any problems running it let me know, I've recently kind of adopted it as a pet project to improve and stabilize it.

dconjar 2008-06-20 09:20 AM

Web Access
If this software is using MobileMe or a mac web server to sync, will we be able to access and manage our Omnifocus tasks from a regular web browser?

If it uses MobileMe to sync, will we be able to use OF from our MobileMe accounts? There was never any reason to buy a .mac subscription, but MobileMe looks like something worth having.

My main concern about using Omnifocus is having a web browser component, although the iPhone version is also essential. Is anybody still using the Toodledo sync? Does that still work well? With the new iPhone software coming out, will this provide the means for a web version? If not, how can we accomplish this?

dconjar 2008-06-20 09:37 AM

That's definitely an option, but I'm still wondering if the Toodledo sync is still working, since that seems a lot easier than setting up a web server on my macbook. How great is the web-based UI? Are there any screenshots of it so I can check it out?

Brian 2008-06-20 01:04 PM

A browser interface is a separate feature from the MobileMe sync that we're working on at the moment.

dconjar 2008-06-20 02:47 PM

Wow, so there actually is a way to use MobileMe to sync Omnifocus and a regular web app, rather than just the native iPhone app? That sounds incredible.

Do you think it will be ready by the app store launch date on July 11, or is this something to look forward to down the road?

Brian 2008-06-20 03:18 PM

Sorry, I phrased that badly. We're currently working on MobileMe sync; a web interface would be a separate feature.

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