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jfaughnan 2008-07-10 08:12 PM

Can't replace my Palm if I can't import my tasks
I have hundreds of tasks in my Palm, many with extensive notes.

I can use Outlook to export them as CSV, tab delimited, etc.

Problem is, OmniFocus desktop doesn't support CSV or tab delimited or any other common import/export format!

I can't use this app on the iPhone if I can't migrate my data in and out of it.

What am I missing?

PS. I tried the webdav sync using a Plone 3.2.1 webdav server. It didn't work. On one attempt OF crashed and I submitted the crash report.

john faughnan
tag: jfaughnan, jgfaughnan, iPhone, task

omnibob 2008-07-10 08:26 PM

Text can be dragged and dropped into OF, where carriage returns create separate Actions, but the tabs don't seem to know how to parse your notes from your tasks (from what I'm guessing you have). Perhaps you could do a one time data process to where you separate your Actions from Notes using part of the following forumula, where each is processed as a separate email, and turn on the Mail rules.



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