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Parham 2006-07-28 07:41 PM

Odd display
Take a look at this Persian site with OmniWeb:


and take a look with Opera, Firefox or Camino. The way these three display the page is the correct one.

Forrest 2006-07-28 07:47 PM

The same issue exists with Safari and WebKit. Without even looking at it that close, I'm guessing it's a bug with the site, not with the browser. When the site has code like this:
[code]background: #666B71 url('file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/hoder/Desktop/Design_Rooz/english_index.shtml_files/images/pat_bg_shade.gif') repeat-x top left; #E9EFF4[/code]

Parham 2006-07-28 07:56 PM

Correct, the page displays oddly in Safari as well. I'll notify them. Sorry for the trouble.

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