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AWDitty 2010-07-06 08:09 PM

How to work with OmniFocus data on a PC
I just started working in a new office that requires me to work on a PC. So does anyone know of some efficient way that I can move the data form my OmniFocus library on my Mac to my work PC so that I can not only see what projects I need to be working on that day but also so I can edit my projects and process my inbox and things and then "re-import" all that information back into the OmniFocus library on my Mac. I have been just copying and pasting the projects into various emails that I send back and forth to myself but as you can imagine that just proves to be more work than its worth. I am hoping that there is some way to export my library to some file that can be read and edited on a PC and then can be reimported back into OmniFocus on the Mac without me needing to manually re-enter it. I really appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

whpalmer4 2010-07-06 08:41 PM

My advice is to throw money at the problem. Get a refurbished low-end MacBook from Apple for less than $1000 and have your OmniFocus setup go with you to the office. Or for even less money, but an unknown wait, get an iPad and OmniFocus for iPad (due out real soon). You can run your existing copy of OmniFocus if you go the laptop route, no need to buy another.

There's been some talk of Omni building some sort of OmniFocus net application that you could interact with from your web browser, but I haven't heard anything that suggests you'll be able to make use of such a thing this year.

atreinke 2010-07-07 04:44 AM

I'm in the same boat, as are many using OF. I tried to use OF on my iPhone and kept it in sync with my Mac through Mobile Me. It works great but I just didn't like the small screen on the iPhone to work with. Now I am using an iPad and I love it, even though OF hasn't come out with the iPad app yet.

To be honest, I am using my iPad for just about everything work related - documents, spreadsheets, email, task management, pdf's, etc., etc. I hardly use my PC at all, with only a few exceptions. I still need to access some database systems on the network with the PC.

I didn't care for the way the OF iPhone app looked on my iPad so I jailbroke the iPad and edited the plist file so it would show up full screen and now it looks great. I can't wait for the iPad app though.

uscmeche 2010-07-07 12:31 PM

This was just released from the developer of Spootnik:

[URL=""]Spootnik Web front-end[/URL]

I cannot vouch for the new web interface, but the basecamp syncing worked great. It may be an option if you are looking for PC input. The developer was also responsive when I had any questions.

emory 2010-07-08 09:58 AM

Can anyone comment on what the heck this spootnik web app is doing, and how it does it?

Is it touching your OmniFocus data via DAV to iDisk or what?

lars.steiger 2010-07-09 04:05 PM

Hi there,

Spootnik provides a WebDAV interface and disk space like MobileMe does. Thus, you can attach as many OmniFocus devices as you want and keep them in sync.

The Basecamp synchronization and the recently launched web front-end for OmniFocus is working on top of that database. No MobileMe or other WebDAV provider is required. It works out of the box.

If you like you can take a quick tour here: [url][/url]

And don't hesitate to write me ( if you have any further questions.

- Lars

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