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mattsbrand 2012-12-17 07:13 AM

Omnisync Workflow
I use OmniPlan for both the Mac and iPad, and am having trouble figuring out the Omnisync Server workflow. Here is what I have been doing:

1. Create a new document in OmniPlan on the Mac.
2. Save locally and then publish to the server.
3. Open the file on the iPad from the sync server.
4. Edit the file on the iPad.
5. Try to publish the file. Here is where the issue lies. I get an error indicating that it cannot publish with conflicts. I accept all changes in the conflict tracking pane, but it still says there are conflicts (even though they don't appear in the pane). Because of this, I cannot republish my changes.

Am I doing something incorrectly, or have a wonky setting?

Thanks much,

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