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psidnell 2013-05-04 01:21 AM

Working on selective calendar export - ideas?
I'm adding selective calendar export for [URL=""]ofexport[/URL] so that you'd be able to choose which projects and/or which date ranges you want in an ics file. You could even send different projects/folders to different calendars (which is what I want).

I've got a basic implementation working (not released yet) and items are appearing in the calendar (woohoo!).

However I wouldn't mind a few suggestions on what's sensible in these circumstances:
[LIST][*]Would you want project/task group to appear as well as it's sub-tasks?[*]Would you want an event to span from it's start to it's due time?[*]What if a task only had a start or a due?[*]Would you want the notes in the event (might make the file large)?[/LIST]

psidnell 2013-05-04 01:42 AM

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Just experimented with spanning items from their start to due times.

It looks great in month view, pretty awful in day view though. Might try and work out how all-day/multi-day events are encoded such that they just appear at the top of the calendar...


Coming along nicely - the grey items in the image below have synced in from a generated ics file that I've shared via dropbox.

By default the item spans from it's start to it's due time (which may be several days and looks terrible) or on either time if it only has one. But you can control it per item by adding "magic strings" in the notes:
[LIST][*]"%of cal start" show the event at it's start time[*]"%of cal due" show the event at it's due time[*]"%of cal allday" show the event as an all day/multi day event[*]"%of cal alarm" (planned) enable an alarm for the item[/LIST]
Then I only export items that have "%of cal" in the notes and voila a few nice targeted entries appear":


Happy now.

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