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glen.saberton 2012-10-09 02:22 PM

Message: Replace data base and start syncing [A: contact support.]
Hello again all,

I am now a few weeks in to learning and things are really moving with Omni, had a few hick-ups and found a strange bug but Omni focus is really starting to help empty my brain! Today a random message keeps popping up asking if I want to:

Replace data base and start syncing

I am adding actions on both iPhone and a Mac...using omnigroup's sync service I cant find any answers as to why this has started happening... A little help would be really great,

Thank you for reading

Brian 2012-10-09 02:30 PM

Glen, this message appears when your two devices have gotten out of sync and OmniFocus isn't able to find common ground in the transaction history between the database on the device and the one on the server.

I'd recommend calling 800.315.6664 or emailing our [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL] so we can help straighten this out. Sorry for the trouble!

glen.saberton 2012-10-09 02:32 PM

Ok I will email them now. Thanks Brian.

I don think I am loosing data..though 'loosing common ground' sounds quite scary!


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