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dogpaw 2010-07-28 07:16 AM

How to change width of columns in Quick Entry
How do I change the width of columns in the Quick Entry window? I can't seem to use the standard Mac cursor method of manually shifting the column widths.


curt.clifton 2010-07-28 09:35 AM

Interesting. In three+ years of use, I hadn't tried that. It looks like resizing the window resizes the Name column, but the other columns seem to be fixed width.

Use Help → Send Feedback to submit bug reports and feature suggestions to get them entered in the development database. (See [URL=""]this sticky thread[/URL] at the top of the forum for details.)

dogpaw 2010-07-28 09:41 AM

I've used it as well for a couple of years. I had some how managed to expand the other columns in the past on my desktop. Two days ago, my HD crashed and when I replaced that and got my system back in order, I noticed that I can't figure that out this time. I must have done it somehow before...

whpalmer4 2010-07-28 09:50 AM

Reading the forums on my iPad earlier, I had much the same reaction I think you can do that, but I better try it at the Mac so I write it up correctly. Filed the thread in OF, and you got to it before I did. But reading your message, I had a very different reaction than I usually have: hey, I think Curt is actually wrong about this, I better try it for myself :-)

Here's the secret:

To adjust the column widths in the Quick Entry box, you need to have OmniFocus as the foreground application. Bring up the Quick Entry box, adjust the column widths as desired, and click the Save button (do this without creating any new actions).

I'm not sure if this is documented or not, I discovered it by accident.

curt.clifton 2010-07-28 11:27 AM

[QUOTE=whpalmer4;81069] you need to have OmniFocus as the foreground application[/QUOTE]

Ah! Nice catch. Strange bug/feature. I'll report.

dogpaw 2010-07-29 09:28 AM

Perfect! Thank you.

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