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sgkrasts 2012-12-09 06:07 PM

Problem scheduling backward from fixed end
I can't figure this out. If I schedule my project forward from a fixed start 12/10/12, it ends 1/25/13. However, I really want to launch on 1/28/13 and push things back a bit. I figure that scheduling backward from a fixed end (1/28/13) is what I should do. However, when I change the project to this setting, the project creates a violation and the project ends on 2/11/13. For some reason it pushes back the project start date to 1/7/13. I don't have any constraints and it shouldn't be a resourcing issue.

Anyone have thoughts on what is happening?

whpalmer4 2012-12-11 05:20 PM

Your best bet with problems with OmniPlan of this sort where words can't faithfully describe what is going on in sufficient detail is to use Help->Send Feedback to send an anonymized version of your document (all task names are replaced with Task 1, Task 2, etc.) to the Omni support group, along with a description of what problem you are seeing. They can get a much better take on whether it is user error or programmer error.

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