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dlolsen 2009-08-03 02:34 PM

"" requires authentication
I've had OmniFocus([B]OF[/B]) for a while now (love it!). I have mobileMe to keep my iPhone and computer in-sync with [B]OF[/B].

I had a hard drive fail a while back, and since reinstalling OF doesn't seem to be storing my password in my keychain properly. It's probably a problem with my Mac, not [B]OF[/B], but I'm not sure what to do because it keeps requiring my password even though I've previously check off the remember in keychain option.

Now that I think about it, I feel like it happens after I restart my computer, but not between uses of [B]OF[/B] if the computer stays on. (will check this an post results shortly)

Any thoughts? It's really a small issue, but kind of annoying none the less.

dlolsen 2009-08-03 02:48 PM


Restarting did not trigger authentication for syncing with mobile me.

Now it really seems random why I should need to re-athenticate sometimes, and not others.

It seems to be happening completely independent of updates given that I have installed a couple since this first started happening. (yes I follow the prompts to change the keychain permissions upon update)


Brian 2009-08-03 03:00 PM

There are a couple of suggestions [URL=""]here[/URL] that may help.

Maybe the keychain is set to lock after some period of time passes, and that setting persists even across reboots? Barring that, a corrupt keychain entry would be my next guess. (The linked page should help with both those possibilities.)

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