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Millerworld 2011-07-30 09:21 PM

I want to focus on multiple contexts
I have just done a major sweep of my omnifocus document and have everything nicely grouped into projects and contexts.

I would like to make a perspective for when I'm sat at my computer in the hotel room in the morning.
I imagined that I'd be able to do this by selecting all of the contexts relevant in this situation, ie: @online, @email, @phone, @UKofficeHours.

I had expected I could just press the Focus button and then save a perspective, as I can in the projects view when I select multiple projects and then focus on only them.

Focus is greyed out in the contexts view though.
I've paused all my @home contexts, but I'd like to *not* see my active stuff that I still use whilst travelling (@gig, @shopping etc) in this perspective.

Any ninjas know how I can set this up?
Apologies if this is RTFM-basic....

CatOne 2011-07-31 06:39 AM

It looks like focus only works on projects, not on contexts.

Nonetheless, it's easy to only show stuff in contexts you care about.

Just multi-select them in the left pane (click first context, then command-click the rest). Once you have them selected that's all you will see on the right, and save it as a perspective.

You'll still see the other contexts at left, but you won't see any items that are contained within them.

Millerworld 2011-07-31 08:42 AM

Ah yes, that'll do it!

Might still pop "focus for contexts" in as a feature request.

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