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fwdkfwdkfwdk 2009-03-17 11:32 AM

Slower Syncing with new updates?
Recently, I updated my Omnifocus to 1.6, along with my iPhone to the newest update. It seems as if both of these programs are syncing with MobileMe a lot slower. Sometimes on my iPhone, I have to sync it multiple times to get passed the "Retry" screen.

What is the best way to make syncing faster? If this is a understood problem, is there a fix in the works?


cvilledave 2009-03-22 02:51 PM

I've also noticed very slow syncing, and it seems like it's gotten worse with version 1.6. My iPhone display frequently times out and turns off before the document open and syncing process is complete, causing me to have to start the process all over again. Between the slow syncing process and not having a way to filter projects on the iPhone version (e.g., having perspectives), I've pretty much given up on the mobile version.

Toadling 2009-03-23 08:00 AM

Syncing seems to be working fine here -- no problems at all on 1.6 for my MacBook Pro and 1.2.1 for iPhone.

How many zipped transaction files are in your database? You can view this info by right-clicking on your database file and selecting "Show Package Contents". Or on the iPhone, tap the info button and scroll down.

As a point of comparison, I currently have 212 projects and 1821 actions stored in 7 zip files on my iPhone. Depending on how recently I've synced, it takes anywhere from about 1.5 seconds to 30 seconds to complete a sync on my iPhone via MobileMe over WiFi.


Brian 2009-03-24 03:41 PM

The single biggest thing that folks can do to speed up their syncs is make sure that all of their devices are syncing regularly - like once a week or so.

On one of your Macs, open up OmniFocus's sync preferences and press the "Show Clients" button. OmniFocus has kept all the individual changes you've made to your database since the oldest date you see in the "Latest Sync" column.

If that's very far in the past, you've likely got hundreds of transaction files built up, which can slow things down, especially on the phone. (The iPhone is an amazing device, but it's still about 1/2000th as fast as a slow desktop machine.)

In any case, if you unregister any machines you're not actually syncing any more, then make sure the remaining devices have all synced, you should start seeing faster syncs about an hour later. (For technical reasons, we keep the transactions around for an hour, then compact during a subsequent sync.)

If none of that helps, contact the [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL] and we can help out. (We need to gather some info that generally doesn't fit into a forum post.)

Brian 2009-03-24 04:06 PM

Another suggestion I forgot to mention before - pick one of your machines, then use the "Archive Old Data..." command once a month or so. This will move actions you completed before a date you specify into a separate non-syncing database on that Mac. This shrinks the database and can also make for faster syncs.

If you've never used this command, every action you've ever completed is still in your database and being synced to your phone...

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