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stevenkan 2008-10-31 11:34 AM

Object/connector placement doesn't survive VDX export
Open this file:


then Export as VDX and open in Visio 2007 or even back in OG. The box labeled "PRL-481N" (second from left) will jump up off the page and to the right. The connectors to/from that box also get disconnected.

If you re-save in VSD and re-open in OG, the box is still mis-placed, so the problem appears to be in the original export function.

This can be "fixed" by nudging the box in the original OG document before exporting, but this means I have to "test" every single drawing in my trial version of Visio in my virtual XP before I can send them to my customer.

stevenkan 2008-11-01 11:02 AM

Actually, exporting to VDX seems to be pretty buggy at this point. Every significant drawing I've exported to VDX and then re-opened right back into OG has had serious problems with the connectors' placement and connections.

swankeeper 2008-11-02 11:10 PM

buggy VDX export: not just connectors
I too have a consistent problem with connectors and routing, but also consistent issues with rotated text. I often need to label horizontal "swim lanes" on flow diagrams, and I rotate the text blocks 90 degrees counterclockwise. That orientation never survives a VDX conversion.

stevenkan 2008-11-03 11:15 AM

A really nice feature (at least until the bugs are worked out) would be a "VDX Output Preview" that exports the current drawing file to a VDX temp file, then immediately opens that VDX file so I can inspect it.

I currently have to do File: Export. Overwrite? Yes. File: Open: choose file. When I'm fixing connector errors I have to do this 10-15 times before the VDX is "clean" enough for me to send to my customer.

Having an explicit "VDX Preview" option would save me a lot of time.

billbrietstout 2014-05-15 09:41 AM

6 years later ... having similar problems with connector termination in VDX export in 6.0.5 (v156.11 r206384). Can't avoid .vdx export (though wish it was straight .vsd) since vast majority of office users still use MS Office and Visio on Windows.

1) In .graffle termination point is on object perimeter, in .vdx export termination point on object center.

2) In .graffle connector lines are to object perimeter, in .vdx export connector lines are in front of object to center.

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