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mikegibb 2012-02-07 09:59 AM

Setting up a perspective with specific contexts and specific projects
I have a daily meeting with co-workers and I want to set up a specific perspective. I have a Daily Meeting project and a Daily Meeting context and I want to set up a "Daily Meeting" perspective that calls up all the items in my Daily Meeting project and my Daily Meeting perspective. Can anyone help me do that?

Brian 2012-02-08 12:18 PM

Perspectives are either organized by project or by context, but not both. Unless your goal was to show everything that was in the Daily Meeting project *and* assigned to the daily project context, you're going to need a minimum of two perspectives.

In general, the way I organize actions like this is to create contexts for the people I work with, then run through those contexts for things I need to bring up during a given meeting.

Overall, that gives me a bit more flexibility; if I bump into person X in the hall, I can check their items individually, rather than needing to remember "Oh, I usually meet with this person in <meeting X>, so I should check that list, too."

Does that help at all?

mikegibb 2012-02-09 05:40 AM

So in my scenario, a "Daily Meeting" perspective would be the most ideal solution. And I would house the actions in an appropriate project. Do I have that right?

Brian 2012-02-10 01:20 PM

Sure, that could work - set up the project, select it in the sidebar of Project view, then select "Focus on" from the View menu. That'll hide all the other projects.

Make any other adjustments to the window's appearance that you want to preserve, then select "Save Window As: New Perspective" in the Perspectives menu to make a Perspective out of it.

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