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dru 2011-02-24 07:39 PM

Once in page contents, can't tab out
Unlike Safari, OmniWeb refuses to tab outside the page contents area. The keyboard is trapped.

There's no hope in tabbing to the location or search fields. Yet, you [U]can[/U] tab from [I]them[/I] into the page content area!

I don't want to hear about CMD+O.

Morto 2011-03-14 07:24 AM

True you cannot tab back into the address or search fields, but you can Cmd-L into the address bar, which is how I do it.

Incidentally, if you combine this with shortcuts then you can Cmd-L into the address bar then 'g search terms go here' to search google, or if you've set up other shortcuts just type your shortcut and your search terms to search right from the address bar in whatever engine you want. So I don't use the search field at all - just shortcuts from the address bar.

dru 2011-03-16 01:06 AM

Thanks. I didn't know about CMD+L.

troyb 2011-03-21 08:40 AM

I personally prefer Morto's method but there is also a shortcut directly to the search field in the toolbar as well: CMD-Shift-F

You have to use the mouse to switch between search shortcuts however.

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