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dg005978 2011-04-11 05:12 AM

Recurring in Dutch language
I am having this most annoying phenomenon: Whenever I try to set a recurring action to a (multiple) of a month ("maand" in Dutch) OF resets my entry to Minutes ("minuut" in Dutch).

Eg. Recurring every "3 maand" resets to every "3 minutes"

I have tried to use almost every permutation of "maand" including all prural variations but to no avail.

I have no clue if I am doing something wrong. I get around by entering the recurring action in a number of weeks, but I do have to do my expenses once every month and I have no way to enter this.

Is this a bug in the Dutch localization of OF?

RobTrew 2011-04-11 07:07 AM

[QUOTE=dg005978;95713]Is this a bug in the Dutch localization of OF?[/QUOTE]

Something does seem to have gone wrong in the management of the localization process - there have been reports of broken repeat dialogs in other languages.


The first port of call should be Help > Send Feedback ... in the OmniFocus menu.

You may still be able, in the meanwhile, to set repeat intervals through applescript (see below).


RobTrew 2011-04-11 09:44 AM

Selecting a task and running a script like this, for example, should allow you to set Due Date intervals.

(An unusual blind patch in the Applescript library puts Start Date intervals beyond the reach of script, alas ... combining this with the breaking of repetition dialogs by localisations, repetition does look a bit neglected and in need of repair at the moment ...)

[CODE]property pTitle : "Set repetition interval"
property pstrDefault : "unit:week, fixed:true, steps:1"
property pNoRepn : "No repetition"

tell application id "OFOC"
tell front document window of front document
set lstTasks to value of (selected trees of content where class of its value is task or class of its value is inbox task)
if (count of lstTasks) < 1 then return
tell first item of lstTasks
set strName to name
tell repetition
set strLegend to "unit: day | week | month | year

fixed:true = repeat every N units
fixed:false = repeat N units after completion

if it is not missing value then
tell it as record
set {blnFixed, lngSteps, eUnit} to {fixed, steps, unit}
end tell
set strUnit to eUnit as string

set strLegend to "unit: day | week | month | year

fixed:true = repeat every N units
fixed:false = repeat N units after completion

set strLegend to strLegend & my Translate(blnFixed, lngSteps, strUnit)

set strCode to (("unit:" & strUnit & ", fixed:" & blnFixed as string) & ", steps:" & lngSteps as string)

set strCode to pstrDefault
set strLegend to strLegend & "
Not repeating.

Enter a repetition string:"
end if

set blnParsed to false
repeat while not blnParsed
set varResponse to (display dialog strLegend default answer strCode buttons {"Cancel", pNoRepn, "OK"}
cancel button "Cancel" default button "OK" with title pTitle)
if button returned of varResponse = pNoRepn then
set strCode to "missing value"
set strCode to text returned of varResponse
set strCode to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of strCode & " | perl -pe 's/(day|week|month|year)s/\\1/'"
end if

set recRep to run script "tell application id \"OFOC\"
{" & strCode & "}
end tell"
set blnParsed to true
on error strMsg
set strLegend to strMsg & "

The interval should be of the form:

" & pstrDefault
end try
end repeat
end tell
set repetition to recRep
tell repetition as record
set {blnFixed, lngSteps, eUnit} to {fixed, steps, unit}
end tell
set strUnit to eUnit as string
display alert my Translate(blnFixed, lngSteps, strUnit) message "(" & strName & ")"
on error
set repetition to missing value
display alert "Not repeating" message "(" & strName & ")"
end try
end tell
end tell
end tell

on Translate(blnFixed, lngSteps, strUnit)
set strPlural to "s"
if lngSteps = 1 then set strPlural to ""
set strPeriod to (lngSteps as string) & space & strUnit & strPlural

if blnFixed then
"Repeating every " & strPeriod
"Repeating " & strPeriod & " after completion"
end if
end Translate


Brian 2011-04-11 01:43 PM

Sorry for the trouble here - I handled an email from a customer reporting the same issue in Spanish. I'll make sure the rest of the team knows about both bugs.

(Rob, if you email the support ninjas about the trouble you ran into with your script, we can write that up for you, as well.)

RobTrew 2011-04-11 01:58 PM

Thanks Brian.

The gap in the Applescript library (repeating start dates can not be scripted) [URL=""]has been reported before[/URL].

The broken repetition dialog [URL=""]has also been reported before[/URL] for Chinese (simplified), [URL=""]as well as Spanish[/URL] (and now Dutch).

It's not the writing up that's missing :-)

A fairly basic piece of specified functionality that is simply not working for users of at least three languages, and which is also out of reach to the usual fall-back of scripting. Perhaps one of those cases where the majoritarian hegemony system of prioritisation (by Anglo-Saxon voting) is not entirely appropriate ? ;-)


Brian 2011-04-11 03:19 PM

Actually, it looks like the issue is getting some attention for the 1.9 release. Note to self: check the bug database. Curse Mondays. :-)

RobTrew 2011-04-12 02:47 AM

多谢 !dankjewel, 等等 ...

RobTrew 2011-04-12 09:25 PM

The repetition sections of the Action and Project inspectors do indeed seem to be working in the Chinese and Dutch localisations of 1.9 ... (I haven't checked Spanish).

Good !

However, the [I]repetition interval[/I] record in the OmniFocus Applescript library still lacks a boolean flag to read or write the state of the [I]start again[/I] vs [I]due again[/I] repetition option.

([B]Start again in one month[/B] versus [B]Due again in one month[/B] is an option offered in the inspector, and encoded in the SQlite cache as [B]~2(s)m[/B] versus [B]~2m[/B], but Applescript can't tell the difference or set the option :-(

Does the bug database suggest a prognosis for this ?


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