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tobyspark 2007-01-09 02:31 PM

iphone + omnioutliner = devastating
just wanted to '++' the idea of omnioutliner on an iphone. that would simply be heaven.


RozzieBear 2007-01-11 06:30 AM

Granted, the iPhone won't be out until June, but that just means that now's the time to start pushing for it. For either OO/Pro or OmniFu, integration with iPhone would be absolutely killer. My GTD-ish system at present is pretty scattered -- OOPro/KGTD when I'm at a computer, and either 3x5 cards or a PocketPC when I'm not -- and making Omni programs available for OS X on the iPhone would be unbelievably cool. So I'd be very enthusiastic about this development.

cwilkes 2007-01-13 08:40 PM

Will the iPhone allow 3rd party apps?
I read somewhere that Steve came out against 3rd party apps, is that still the case?

I wouldn't want to do much inputting on the iPhone, but rather use it like a glorified "push" PIM and time tracker. I'll do all the heavy data entry on my Mac and then push it out to the iPhone where I can read it during meetings on when I'm on the road.

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