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Oogiem 2014-01-05 02:25 PM

Still Seeking Import/Export of Projects
I'm still seeking a way to EASILY export single or selected projects and then import them into Omnifocu again later. I've gone back through the forum, there were several threads discussing applets or scripts, none of which are still available



It's been many years, WHY is this still so hard?

With over a thousand projects the option to export the entire file and then delete the ones I don't want to share is not workable at all.

Dommiz 2014-01-14 04:15 AM

Why is importing to OF still so hard?
Just to add my plea to the Oogiem's post.

I have spent many fruitless hours trying to import tasks into OF. I assumed OP and OF would play well together, but as is now widely acknowledged, this is not possible. So I export the OP file to OO, set up the columns correctly (Title / Context / Start Date / Due Date), and sure enough OF will open the file (cut and paste works too). BUT, it places the start and due dates in the notes as metadata. This means I have to manually edit every single task (350 in my case). This seems to be a bug that was first spotted in about 2008, yet is still unresolved.

I have tried Apple Scripts, voodoo and divination. I have blessed the laptop with unicorn tears, and muttered incantations. All without success. I even signed up for the OF v2 beta, I am that desperate.

Until this is sorted out (I hope in OF 2), I am running two parallel systems for my tasks: OF and OP. At times like this we have to ask: what would David Allen do? I am pretty sure he would tell me I have breached the 'one trusted system' rule...

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