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agostinocirillo 2012-11-14 02:40 AM

Help about OO3 scripting
Hello. I'm searching reference documentation about OmniOutliner scripting capabilities and/or Automator features.
I would like to create a script (or a service) that appends the clipboard content to an OmniOutliner file specified by default. My purpose is to create a quick clipping service to a OO journal file from any application, assisted by a keyboard shortcut too.
It seems quite simple, but I haven't got the necessary knowledge.
Can someone help?
Does someone know where is the OO scripting documentation or some tutorial for beginners?

RobTrew 2012-11-14 05:58 AM

Something different from [B]OmniOutliner > Preferences > Clippings preferences[/B] ?

The route to the scripting documentation is [I]Applescript Editor > File > Open Dictionary > OmniOutliner[/I]

where you will find descriptions of the various classes and commands in the OO3 scripting library.

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