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iwaddo 2014-04-22 06:11 AM

Losing sight of actions
Hi, I am quite a new user and have all three versions of OF but I do not think my question is specific to any one version.

I seem to be losing sight of and action that has a long term due date but has already passed its start date.

For example, I've allowed myself all of April to write a report, the start date was 1 April and the due date is 30 April.

I was expecting to see this action in my forecast somehow, something to prompt me to get back to the report amongst all the other actions that become due.

Whilst I know I have the report to do, it relies on me remembering to get back to it, I was hoping to see this active action every time I look at OF on which ever device.

I am missing something or expecting to much?

Thank you for your help


wilsonng 2014-04-23 08:27 PM

I know if I have something long term like a writing assignment, I usually like to break it down into smaller steps. It's not just a simple thing as "write long-form article" by April 30th.

I know there are multiple steps that take up the writing process. Perhaps you can break it down like:

- Call John to see if he knows any experts about the subject
- Research background material about the subject via internet search
- Call John's referrals to set up interview
- Brainstorm new interview questions
- Interview expert #1
- Interview expert #2
- Write first draft of long form report
- Submit first draft to editor(s) for peer review
- Find a cover photo for the article
- Revise first draft
- Submit second draft to editor for review
- Publish article to the blog site

Maybe you can break down that project with intermediate due dates?

iwaddo 2014-04-25 05:04 AM

Thank you, that is a useful suggestion.

I guess I'm looking for the ability for see all 'active' actions in the forecast in someway.

wilsonng 2014-04-25 01:06 PM

I think Forecast only shows tasks that have start date (starts on this date) and due dates (due today).

It own't be able to show you a "today" list with all available. Because you might have a bunch available tasks that have no date assigned (start date or due date).

nft 2014-04-26 12:24 AM

Or you can flag it and other similar ongoing projects and either

- create a perspective on the Mac that encompasses Due Items and Flagged, or
- add a daily task (recurring) of checking flagged items, or
- probably a few other methods

GeoffAirey 2014-04-28 01:09 AM

[QUOTE=nft;130235]Or you can flag it and other similar ongoing projects and either

- create a perspective on the Mac that encompasses Due Items and Flagged[/QUOTE]

This is how I handle things.

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