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kulturhack 2008-03-03 01:36 PM

Typewriter Scrolling Possible?
Apologies if this has been addressed--Searching the forums turned up nothing.

Is so-called "typewriter scrolling" possible with OmniOutlinerPro--and if not, is it a planned feature for the future?

(I'm working on an extensive outline and constantly typing on the last line of the visible section is rapidly becoming annoying.)

Thanks in advance for any pertinent information.

Ken Case 2008-03-03 06:30 PM

It's not possible in OmniOutliner right now, but it is planned for OmniOutliner 4.

popcornflix 2014-01-26 06:49 PM

Did Typewriter Scrolling make it into OO4? I can't seem to find it.

DerekM 2014-01-27 01:38 PM

Sorry, no, this has not yet been implemented.

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