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oschultz 2009-01-12 05:42 PM

Feature Request: Task Count by Project
I would find it useful while reviewing projects if the number of active tasks were listed with the project name in the sidebar. This would be handy for an "at a glance" reference of one's work.

Toadling 2009-01-12 10:10 PM

Unless you have a lot of parallel projects, wouldn't it always display "1" (or maybe "0" if the project was stalled, but then that can be revealed with the stalled view bar filter)? Or perhaps you mean "remaining" tasks rather than active/available?

Another conflict is what to do with the "due soon" and "overdue" badges currently displayed for projects in the sidebar? Wouldn't they obscure the action count for each project?

I guess you could do a split badge like Things uses, but I never really liked that look. It always seemed cluttered and inelegant to me. But maybe that's more a matter of personal taste.


wilsonng 2009-01-13 02:04 AM

The task would probably show one because there is only one "next action". Possibly in "Remaining" filter, it would show the number of remaining tasks. In any case, it would probably be too confusing because you're never sure if you're looking at the remaining task items count or number of next actions in a folder.

oschultz 2009-01-13 02:14 PM

Yeah, I run almost all of my projects with parallel tasks (I know....Heretic!)*and so for me it would be a total task count per project not simply next actions. I can see where this would not be useful and possibly confusing for many. Thanks.

whpalmer4 2009-01-13 02:59 PM

If you only use this when reviewing, would a script that generated a file showing project name and count of available actions suffice?

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