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devn 2009-04-05 02:20 AM

I would just like to voice one issue I always have with the iPhone app.

In general I don't do much in the way of organization or processing on the iPhone. That is for the desktop. Mainly, I just want a way to create new Inbox tasks. This makes the iPhone app as it stands right now rather cumbersome.

Is there any chance you guys would give users the option of a single quick entry window on the iPhone? I don't need menus and all of that, just a really simple way to enter items to my Inbox without having to click the "new item" button, and then click another field, and then enter text.

I know it seems like it's trivial, but I really would benefit from a simple quick entry window with more space instead of the current way entry of a new task is set up.


brookscl 2009-04-14 09:46 AM

+1 on this. Would make the iPhone a perfect capture device; unfortunately the latency of starting up the app and syncing stands in the way. This may get mitigated in the future as you work on performance.

Brian 2009-04-14 12:12 PM

The "new inbox item" button is active even while we're loading the database. I often use that to jot down something quickly. Bring app up, tap button, enter item.

I've also turned auto-sync off in Settings - I do have to remember to sync the phone from time to time, but doing that at the end of my OmniFocus use works better for me. Hit sync button, stick phone in pocket, go about my day.

That said, we are kicking around some ideas for one-touch text/voice/photo notes. Email the [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL] if you'd like to add your vote to that feature request.

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