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cschneid 2009-08-31 04:15 PM

Tasks that rely on notes - Where to store the notes?
I often have tasks that are reliant on a research task right above them. Something like:

"Find xyz's phone number"
"Call xyz about an appointment"

Often they are separated by time or context. Where should I keep notes on the research task so that I can go back to it easily. I have tried using the OF notes, but I check it done, and it's a pain to go back and change the view to find it again when I need it. And often there's a chain of research that may be needed, so just copy/pasting the notes to the next action that requires seems silly too.

Do people keep these notes outside of OF, or inside? And how?

whpalmer4 2009-08-31 05:55 PM

Stuff that I'll need to refer to for subsequent actions I'll often store as a note to the project.

cschneid 2009-08-31 06:23 PM

Well, look at that.... I'm not sure how I never missed that button there. It makes sense though, thanks for pointing out the obvious (the obvious that I missed....)

HappyDude 2009-09-14 12:19 AM

Whenever a project or next action has supporting information I normally add it to whatever will be easier for me to find. A few weeks ago this would've entailed emailing myself the addresses, phone numbers or w/e...but just got the iPod Touch and OF app which allows me to have it all with me whenever.

Aside from that, I also use LogMeIn to always have access to any important info. I'll log in at my school's computers or the iPod Touch and I'll quickly get the info.

The only times where i've been stuck is when i'm 20 miles from home and the information I need was not digitalized but rather sitting on the edge of my desk at home...

So far my best solution for that has been to type everything into OF on either my iPod Touch or Mac.

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