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PRV 2012-01-03 10:01 PM

Omnigraffle Docs & Sugarsync
Is anyone on this forum a Sugarsync user? I'm having a strange issue with my graffle documents and Sugarsync. The document does not get sync'ed upon saving, if Omnigraffle is running. Fine, maybe OG locks the doc - so I quit OG, and the document still doesn't get sync'ed. I had to quit Sugarsync and restart for the doc to show up in the cloud and my other computer.

Yes, this is likely a Sugarsync issue and not an OG issue, but my other docs are sync'ing fine, so I'm wondering if other OG+Sugarsync users have experienced this issue and if there are any workarounds.


ericscheid 2012-01-04 08:24 PM

Are you OG docs being saved as flat files or as packages?

I use DropBox, and I save my OG docs as flat files to avoid a zillion little updates being pushed.

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