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HenryJ 2012-03-05 02:07 PM

How do I replace a Multi-Language version with an English-Only version?

How do I change/install to the "OmniFocus 1.9.4 English-Only" version coming from the "OmniFocus 1.9.4" (multilanguage) version.

I want to study the course for OmniFocus and figured it is more appropriate to use the English version of OmniFocus.

After deleting the international version of OmniFocus and installing the English version a mixed installation surfaced. The menus are now in English but the predefined Contexts and additional Contexts information in the "main area" are stil in Dutch.

What must I do to get a full English only installation of OmniFocus.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Kind regards, Henry

whpalmer4 2012-03-05 02:11 PM

Did you delete the OmniFocus.ofocus file in the Library/Application Support/OmniFocus folder? You need to start over completely, because when OmniFocus runs for the first time, it will create a sample database in your selected language. Just replacing the app won't change the existing database.

Lizard 2012-03-05 03:59 PM

You can delete all those non-English contexts you don't want, and choose "Add Welcome Template" from the Help menu.

I think some date interpretation is based on System Preferences' locale, rather than what language the app is running, so you may still need to watch out for that.

transmission 2012-03-13 10:54 AM

I am from Germany and also want to use the english-only version (because all my GTD and Omnifocus literature is in english) but where can I download the english-only version?

I can only find the multi-language version.

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Okay, I found it on your FTP-Server.

HirnHorn 2014-02-14 11:59 PM

Or my favourite easy version without needing to download anything:

Open Terminal and override your primary language for OmniFocus to be english:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus AppleLanguages '("en-US")'

Works with most applications in ~Library/Preferences. Just look for the entry com.companyname.softwarename.plist and leave out the .plist at the end

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