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alexp 2011-12-18 10:59 PM

What is included in an "On hold" project

I am a bit confused by what I'm seeing as "On hold" tasks. I have defined a perspective called Waiting which uses the following settings:

Context filter: On Hold
Grouping: Project
Sorting: Due
Availability filter: Remaining
Status filter: Any status

Now the part that confuses me is that beside the projects that are actually "On hold", I also see the "No Context" and there a bunch of tasks that are **not** on hold (at least it's not clear why those would be considered as being on hold).

Could anyone please shed some light on what am I seeing and the rationale behind?



RobTrew 2011-12-19 12:27 AM

Contexts themselves can be put on hold.
If you don't plan to be in Patagonia for a couple of weeks, you can put your 'Patagonia' context on hold.

That's what[INDENT]Context Sidebar Filter:[B]On Hold[/B][/INDENT]is about in the perspective editor,
and it's quite separate from:[INDENT]Project Sidebar Filter:[B]On Hold[/B][/INDENT]
which filters for [B]projects[/B] that have been put on hold.

alexp 2011-12-19 01:54 PM

Rob, that makes sense. But how can "No context" be "On hold"?


RobTrew 2011-12-20 04:57 AM

The [I]No Context[/I] subtree isn't subject to the "on-hold" filter, which only affects the Contexts subtree.

If you only want to see tasks of contexts which have been put on hold, you can select the top-level [I]Contexts[/I] folder in the Context Mode sidebar.

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