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Brian 2010-05-27 02:16 PM

Forum Rules
We're grateful for our incredible community of customers; we love hearing from you, and we're happy to provide a space for discussion and collaboration. Since these forums consume resources that we pay for, though, we think it's fair to ask that visitors follow some guidelines while doing so. If you choose not to follow them, your posts may be edited or removed; you may even lose the privilege of participation.

Here is what we ask of you:[LIST=1][*] Visitors to our forums are our guests. Disagreement is fine; please do so respectfully. Insulting, belittling, or ordering other guests around is unacceptable. ("Get out of my thread", "Read the manual, n00b", etc.) [*] No spam. This includes content-free posts. ("Bump" posts, "First!" posts, etc.)[*] No illegal content. Beyond the obvious, this includes talking about pirating software or breaking other companies' NDAs.[*] [URL="'s_law"]Godwin’s law[/URL] is in full effect. Anyone playing that card in a discussion about productivity software forfeits their side of the discussion. [*] The forum is rated PG.[*] If you see a problematic post, please hit the "report a post" button. Please do not respond to spam posts - this just gives the spammer more visibility.[*] Please keep discussion on-topic for the forum it occurs in. [*] Private communications are private. Do not post the contents of any private messages you receive. If you get an inappropriate private message, send an email to [email][/email] and we'll take care of it.[*] Do not post suggestions for moderation actions ("they should ban you") or complaints about moderation to the forum unless you are specifically invited to do so by someone from Omni. All concerns about moderation should be handled via private message or [EMAIL=""]email[/EMAIL].[/LIST]
Thanks, everyone! We're grateful that most folks reading this will never need to worry about these guidelines. Once in a while, though, they're necessary to enforce in order to keep things beneficial to everyone.

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