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braver 2010-08-04 08:10 PM

Sync Flagged to iCal
About a year or so ago, we discussed it here -- being able to see what's Today by flagging actions and syncing the flagged only to a specific calendar. Then you can show that calendar in an app like Anxiety or iCal itself and see exactly what's needed right now at the Mac.

Of course, Sync Flagged for Today is just one way to use it. Generally it's a way to assemble actions from different contexts in one place and propagate it to iCal.

I've submitted it to Omni again yesterday, and it turns out they didn't have it separately in their feature request database (although at the time Brian said he'll enter it) -- they had some vague "more flexible sync with iCal", apparently doable in 2015 (kidding). So what I asked is the following two specific feature requests:

(1) Sync Flagged to an iCal calendar
(2) Sync a given perspective to an iCal calendar

If (2) is not much harder than (1), it can subsume the former, of course.

Until Sync Flagged is implemented, the key functionality of Things useful to me cannot be implemented in OF. I believe many folks would benefit from either (1) or (2), so would appreciate if you email this request to the support ninjas.

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