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quellefromage 2012-07-02 04:36 PM

Cannot find backup files after wrong way sync
OK, so I committed classic newbie mistake of having my (almost empty) iPhone overwrite my (very full) desktop app. Yikes.

Now, I know that there are supposedly backups automatically into my Documents folder. I can't see these anywhere in Finder.
When I select "Rebuild Database", yep, it opens up my Documents folder - but no backups there.

When I go into OmniFocus Preferences, I can see that the backups happened and should apparently be in Library/Application Support/Backups - but they are not there either.

I have done exhaustive searches and cannot find these backups even though in OF I can see dates and times.

I'm sure the fix is simple, but please help. Running Lion btw, 10.7.4. Thanks!!

Brian 2012-07-03 02:38 PM

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Sorry for the trouble here, quellefromage! The default location for the backups is in your Documents folder, but from what you report seeing in your preferences, it sounds like that got edited or changed at some point.

Given that, it's hard to say exactly where they might have ended up, but one possible point of confusion here would be that there's actually more than one "Library" folder on your computer.

If what you see in the preferences pane reads like
[CODE]~/Library/Application Support/Backups/[/CODE]

then the folder you're looking for is inside your Home folder. (The '~' character is shorthand for that location.)

However, if the pref pane shows
[CODE]/Library/Application Support/Backups/[/CODE]

then you may want to check the root level of your OS X installation. There's a Library folder there, as well, with it's own Application Support folder. That would be a pretty unusual location to point those backups at, but it's certainly possible...

If you still can't find the backups, you could try doing a Spotlight search like the one in the attached screenshot. That should find any such documents in a location your user account can see. Hope that helps!

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