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gpetit 2011-02-06 09:06 AM

Accessing the database from Linux

I have webdav running on a linux box which is running 24/7
I sync my mac and iphone using that server
I create entries using emails from the iphone (e.g., I'll forward an important email to a "todo" address which is simply [email][/email])
Obviously, and as it's been discussed in other places, the todo won't appear until it is received on a mac that can run the omnifocus filter.

Basically, I'd run a cron job every 5-10 minutes to check my mail and add entries to the database on the server.

My question: is there a documentation anywhere about the format of the database? Are there non-mac-specific command line tools that I could use to add entries in the database?

whpalmer4 2011-02-06 01:05 PM

There has been a bit of discussion of how to add files to the sync database, but if anyone has gone off and actually developed a library to do so, they haven't reported back offering to share the fruits of their labors!

Here's one good thread: [url][/url]

There are probably others in that same forum.

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